An Ode to the Outside Shower
Boston Globe Article

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An Ode to the Outside Shower.

We’re obviously obsessed with creating the perfect outside shower experience for our customers because we know how wonderful the experience of an outdoor shower can be.  That’s why we were ecstatic to see that writers at the Boston Globe share the sentiment.

From the practical standpoint that an outside shower simply protects your home from the harmful effects that sea salt and rough sand can impart to the simple fun of taking a shower outside, the Boston Globe writer nailed our feelings exactly. Read his opinion here.

If you’re a New Englander, don’t let the approach of summer’s end keep you from installing an outside shower at your home today.  There are still plenty of days left in the year to take advantage of an exhilarating outside shower, and for the true adventurers among you, taking one in the snow actually sounds like a pretty magical experience!

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