Outdoor Shower Designs
Three Easy Ideas

Beach View with Sea Grass

Easy Ideas for Outdoor Showers Designs.

Here at Cape Cod Shower Kits we believe it should be easy and quick to install an outdoor shower on your property.  We also believe that doesn’t mean it has to be short on style or comfort.  The below shower designs ideas are simple, but they will have a big impact on the look and feel of your outdoor shower.

1. Add a Floor

shower-designAdding a simple platform floor to the base of your shower not only makes the experience infinitely more comfortable for your feet, but when embellished with beach pebbles, also looks amazing and provides an adequate and expedited drainage solution. A cedar floor is exponentially better than a slippery tile floor, no shoes required! It’s an attractive and practical addition to your outdoor shower; something every outdoor shower owner should consider when planning their design.


*Bonus! Cedar is a natural pest repellent and gives off a pleasant aroma.



2. Embellish Creatively.


Our shower enclosure kits are beautiful just as they are, but if you’re feeling inspired to add your own personal touch, you absolutely should!  One of our customers requested that a custom carving be added to his kit: it was whaley adorable and a big hit with the homeowners and all of their summer house guests!


Anything you can dream up can be expressed in the creative additions to your outdoor shower kit.  The only limit is your imagination!



3. Get Hooked.

If creative flair isn’t your for you, consider some practical elements instead, like stainless steel hooks for the top of the shower walls. Your towel will stay safely tucked away while you lather up.

The limits to your new favorite room…are your imagination.

For more information

Contact a Cape Cod Shower Kits representative for questions about any of your shower designs. We work with customers nationwide, and are happy to help you design the outdoor shower of your dreams.