Planning Ahead

We are proud to be the #1 Outdoor Shower Company with nationwide delivery. Depending on your location, your (non customized) outdoor shower may be transferred to 1 or more freight carriers, so transit time can be anywhere from 2-10 business days.

We will need a phone number to give the shipping company so they can contact you and schedule delivery.
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Delivery Day

When the Truck Arrives

The trucks our outdoor shower company works with are box trucks usually around 36′ to 70’ long. They will need clear, safe access to your site and need to be able to turn around as well. If this is not possible, they will certainly get as close as they safely can.


You will need to please ensure that there are people on hand to unload the kit (Carriers don’t tend to want to handle the freight due to insurance reasons). With the tailgate about 5’ off the ground, the driver will bring the kit to the end of the truck. Then you and your helper take over. Two people (or more!) will make it fast work. The heaviest panel/piece is only 45 lbs.

What Comes With My Kit?

The Standard
Cape Cod Shower Kits Standard Kit Ingredients
Cape Cod Shower Kits Deluxe Kit Ingredients
The Deluxe
The '83
Cape Cod Shower Kits '83 Model Kit Ingredients

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Prompt Service

We’re here to help you!

Please note any delivery damage on the Bill of Lading (BOL), as this is the only way to verify that it came from the delivery. Call us if you have any questions. We are open weekdays 8-4PM EST. On weekends, email is usually best as we are in and out of the warehouse.
Our Email:
Phone: 1-774-408-7600

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