Designing Your Outdoor Shower with Beach Pebbles

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Designing Your Outdoor Shower with Beach Pebbles.

Taking an outdoor shower isn’t just about rinsing away the sand and salt before entering the house.  It can be an invigorating, peaceful and serene experience,  if some thoughtful design elements are included.  Adding decorative finishing touches, like beach pebbles can enhance your overall experience, and make the structure look more beautiful when it’s not in use.

1. Sourced from Naturebeach pebbles_outdoor shower

Handpicked from pristine beaches all over the world, our beach pebbles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors that will compliment any decor. Handcrafted by Mother Nature herself, and imbued with the powerful energy of the ocean, beach pebbles are  perfected over years spent tumbling in the sea and cascading on the sand. Using beach pebbles at the base of your outdoor shower is a dynamic way to add a natural and enduring element to your landscape.

Outdoor_Shower_Beach_Pebbles (2)

2. Pretty and Practical.

Not only do beach pebbles create a polished and professional finish for the base of your shower, but they serve several practical functions as well. Great for drainage, they naturally disperse water run-of and re-direct water away from a structure’s foundation where excess moisture threatens to damage it. There really is no better choice from a functional standpoint. In addition, beach pebbles are easy to spread and act as a natural weed-block.

3. Gilding the Lily.

While addioutdoor_shower_beach_pebbles_paversng beach pebbles to your outdoor shower is the simplest and quickest way to add a chic look to your shower, the possibilities don’t stop there.  Adding travertine, granite or marble pavers to the border would elevate the look even further.

The limits to your new favorite room…are your imagination.

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