Decorative Wood Lattice Panels

Cedar Outdoor Shower Kit lattice

Decorative Wood Lattice Panels are now available in our shower kits.  A timeless and classic architectural design element, lattice allows you to take in a view of your property while showering. Beyond that, it also adds visual interest to the room, and makes it more attractive. If landscaping is something that’s important to you, lattice […]

What Makes Us Different?

Cape Cod Outdoor Shower Kits vs. Competition

What makes us different from the other thousands of outdoor shower products you can purchase? Beyond remaining committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products at the best value, we also considered several other important factors when bringing these products to market.  We wanted our customers to be able to assemble the kits […]

Outdoor Shower Design

Outdoor Showers design standalone

Outdoor Shower design doesn’t need to be boring, and shouldn’t be!  An outdoor shower is another room of your house, and should be treated as such. Design is important, so putting some thought into what will work best with your house is definitely worth it. How big should it be?  Should it be a House […]