5 Reasons Why We Love an Outdoor Shower

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Showering Outside?! Yup. It’s totally a thing.

On Cape Cod, the existence of the outdoor shower can be traced back to the construction of the Cape style house, where space was limited inside and bathrooms small. By no means does that mean the outdoor shower is just limited to Cape style houses. Visit almost any house on the Cape and you’re likely to see a cedar outdoor shower enclosure, or even just a shower head mounted to the side of the house.

As the years have past, the outdoor shower seems to have evolved into a necessity for our ocean locked peninsula. However, the outdoor shower can be a useful addition to your home no matter where you are located. Here’s 5 reasons why you should consider a Cape Cod Shower Kit in your backyard:

Remove sand from kids after the beachSand
If you do live by the beach, chances are you are already familiar with the outdoor shower. Similar to the showering before and after getting out of the pool, the outdoor shower is essential for rinsing sand off after a long day at the beach. Parents can lead children or house guests to the backyard for cleansing instead of tracking sand all over a clean house.

Rinse or change poolside in your outdoor shower

If you’re not located near the beach, but find summer relief in your pool, an outdoor shower is the perfect enclosure for a changing area and to rinse off all the chlorine.

Use your outdoor shower to wash your pets

Got dogs? The outdoor shower is ideal to wash man’s best friend. Because no one enjoys lathering soap all over a wet dog just to have them shake that soapy water all over the bathroom. Also, good for keeping mud out of your home.

Reconnect with nature in your outdoor shower kitOutdoor showers are an inexpensive luxury to add to your backyardNature
Showering inside is nice and all (especially during the colder months), but showering outside provides an opportunity to disconnect from everyday life and reconnect with nature. Enjoy birds chirping, sun on your face and relax surrounded by your beautiful backyard.

Inexpensive Luxury
Cape Cod Shower Kits are reasonably priced so anyone can afford this luxury in their own backyard. With several models to choose from and nationwide shipping, there’s no reason to wait any longer before installing your own kit.

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